Kait Klassik Formula 1 For Salnes Bull "Formula"

CH. Kashmere´s Man Of The Hour CH. Mtn.View Man About Town Can.Am. CH. T-Bo´s Mtn View Of Gold,Rom
Can.Am.CH. Apogee´s Destiny,Rom
CH. T-Bo ´Kashmere Jive Talkin CH. To-Che´s Premium Blend,Rom
CH. T-Bo´s Karbon Kopy Of Kiwi
CH. Easy Sharm De La Legende De L´archer   CH. T-Bo´s Captain Nemo   CH. Motif´s Capt. Nathan Brittles  
CH. Sharon Valley´s Up To No Good  
CH. Kennedy´s Wild Fendi   CH. Pic Dillie Kennedy Of Bramley  
Oui´s Very Vera Wang